About Us

Gaz Ashrafi was founded in 1963 by Haj Abbas Ashrafinia. In 1950 he started to learn everything about the industry from his father who has started his career in 1927.

Gaz Ashrafi started the business in Si-o-se-pol, Esfahan in 1969 and moved the manufacturing and main store to Tehran road km 6 which is exactly in front of   Isfahan Oil Refinery.

Since 1969, the factory and central store location which is been built in 4.000 square meters has not changed.

The gaz factory, including the warehouse of raw materials for the production hall, the packaging and the store, as well as a full lab equipped with advanced laboratory   equipment, is under the supervision of experts in nutritional matters and supervision of Isfahan Province General Health Administration.

Health issues in the manufacturing process are the top priority for the managers of Gaz Ashrafi.

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